Trying to save a partial solution to puzzles but also start over

Being able to copy and save in a wp program complete sequences and paste them back into the puzzles would be nice, but the type in sequence space doesn’t allow me to do this. It would be a simple, easy way to copy and save a partial solution, rather than a screenshot and then having to put the bases back in by hand. Or am I missing a way to do this? Another option for saving multiple solutions would be to be able to put a couple of bookmarks onto the undo/redo stack, and be able to return directly to them, without clicking undo over and over and overshooting. Maybe also it would be nice, if this seems reasonable, to automatically put a mark in the stack at the most recent place the shape was stable (all white), so you could return to that in one click. I know you don’t have time to do much tweaking right now, but if I don’t put it down, I’ll forget. Thanks for all the work you’ve done so far!

Hi oolong

You can actually copy & paste sequences in the lab. For challenges, we couldn’t have the easy copy & paste interface as it could be a very easy way to cheat through the entire puzzles.