unable to edit group

I wanted to edit our group, Not Origami, to include some helpful links on solving switch puzzles.  I ws using Chrome.  I opened the group, clicked EDIT, but found the description field was not editable in any way.  

It seems strange that I can post unlimited links on my personal page and nothing at all on our group.


Is it possible that you can edit it, but it removes the existing text?

Hi LFP6,
Not the situation, sorry.
I cannot do any change on the text.  The text all shows as gray and cannot be added to, edited, or deleted.

lroppy, I was able to edit the text in a group that I created. In Chrome, the text first appears as grayed out, but it can be selected and edited. In IE, I see there is a problem that the old description does not display properly, but text can be edited and updated. John