Unable to sign in using Facebook

Hi I am having issues logging on using my Facebook logon and I had to create a new local account due to the Facebook logon page giving a weird error. For some reason GetSat still sees me as Jennifer Pearl even though I had to logon as JenPearl I took a screenshot of the error and the link is found below. It feels weird having 0 points. I was able to log on around 12pm but at 3pm when I was going to help with the player led chat I was unable to log on.

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Looking into it! We recently set up a redirect from eterna.cmu.edu to eternagame.org, and this may be related… (especially given the experience of Zenda772 https://getsatisfaction.com/eternagame/topics/i_cannot_sign_into_game_using_the_fb_link)

That was actually previous to the redirect, actually…

I still cant log in.