Using local Uni Resources

I’m wondering if I’d be able to use the local uni resources, in order to accelerate the possibility of me being able to utilise their equipment instead.…

Can you please give me some background as to what machines they have that would be useful to the eterna process? Additionally what process I’d have to use on each machine?

Thank you.

The $5 one is the option – the chemical mapping protocol uses the sequencer, but our ‘structure mapping’ recipe is different from the exact reaction carried out by the facility. So you have to carry out the recipe (Link) yourself and then hand them the sample in a tube or 96-well plate. Good luck!

That price is high for us (we pay $1-$1.50 USD), but maybe that’s because there’s a lot of competition in the U.S. bay area. You might be able to convince the facility to do it cheaper if you say that you are pioneering a ‘new application’ of their sequencer beyond DNA sequencing.

Also, we occasionally send our samples to companies who run these sequencers cheaply (e.g., in the Bay Area, ElimBio). Again, here we are benefitting from the biotech explosion and academic interests in the area, but there may be similar companies near you in NZ.