Web Formatting Problem

If you search for EteRNA on Google, you get a link to this page:


Which doesn’t seem to be formatted in th e"EteRNA style." Is there a way to get this class of pages to be formatted correctly?

Another section of the website that falls under that class of pages not formatted in the “EteRNA style” are the pages for editing a user’s profile, accessible by clicking on “Edit Profile” on the User’s page.

Of course, I suppose it could just be me.

Hmm, this also happened to me when I checked, and this usually only happens when I’m not logged properly in, as Adrien mentions above. This is a new problem.

There is a general problem somewhere. All the links to the Player strategy guides are not working, except for the top one.

I have seen something similar after the big game update around Christmas. Back then, the links I had to specific lab designs in my getsat posts, died. And haven’t come back around since.