What would you be willing to pay to have your design synthesized?

Just following on from my latest post in Backyard BioSynth. Possibly this idea could be taken up by eterna, or maybe even one of us players. Who knows. I’m just seeing how much interest is out there.

How many of you would be willing to pay about $30 USD to have one of your designs synthesized? This could be any design, even the one of boganis’s name. :slight_smile:

Second, what price point would you be willing to pay weekly, to have one of your designs synthesized weekly?

I would be more than willing to pay ~$30 to have my designs synthesized. I probably wouldn’t do it every week, but only when I thought I had a design worth sythesizing.

For instance, last week I was very excited to be selected with “Dim Returns - Finale”. This week - not so much. The design chosen (Diminishing Returns Strenghthened" still had some of the same flaws that were uncovered in the synthesis process. I felt my second submission in round 5, after seeing the synthesized results, was much better. So, yes, I indeed would pay to have “Dim Returns Revisited” synsthesized.

Thanks for the question and the opportunity to express my thoughts. From here on out, I won’t plan to submit a change until I have seen the lab results of any previous selection.

Interesting question.

I agree with wisdave. I would be willing to pay $30 every once in a while, for example, if I thought I had an especially good idea for a design but couldn’t get enough votes. But I certainly couldn’t pay $30 every week. To do it every week it would have to be really cheap, like $1 a week.

This could be a good way to get more designs synthesized, if enough people are interested.

No I would not pay to have my RNA synthesized.

FYI DNA synthesis costs have been following a Moore’s law of sorts (you can already see this graph is out of date, but that proves my point since we’re talking 10-30 cents/bp which lies nicely on the curve).

By the time you get your lab equipment assembled and teach yourself how to do the wetwork, the costs could very well be half or a quarter of what they are now, especially if you can work through someone who has access to special pricing.

Something to keep in mind. . .

Hmm, I would be willing to pay… however, I may not be able to afford it.

I agree with starryjess. I would be willing to pay $30 every once in a while, but for non Lab shapes that were not made by Dev.