Why I Voted the Way I Did for the Finger

I’d like to start a conversation on people’s voting strategies for The Finger. Why did you vote the way you did?

Could we display a comment box while submitting the votes?
Players can use this box to convey reasons behind voting. in addition players can specify what parameters they have used for voting.

I assumed that having low free energy is a good thing, but I wanted to be agnostic about the melting point.

Therefore, I isolated those designs with the highest and lowest melting points. Within each group, I took the four with the lowest free energy and voted for those.

Please join me in voting for the following desings!

I believe that Jee has an idea about a comment system for the votes.

Let’s keep the submissions to one per designer and encourage (how?)players to allocate votes to others.

Yes. We’re planning on doing just that. You can read more about proposals to change voting here.