Yesterday's site update

Until yesterday, my lab “New Frontier 2” had the ID 3213788.
Today, it reads 3376237

I don’t have strong feelings about IDs changing, but it seems that comments and news items from lab admins were lost somewhere along the way… Also, I had a few links on the wiki which now load an empty page. Maybe a redirect would be nice.

In a different area, I like the visualization of SHAPE values, but I have a few doubts about the usefulness of 4 decimals. Maybe 2 would be enough and it would clutter the picture less. Just a suggestion…

While I’m at suggesting things, I realize that I don’t really care about free energies while I’m looking at SHAPE data. I guess I’m being picky, but I wish I could specify that as a default, I want to see detailed free energies everywhere _but_ in lab results.

It seems lab proposals were affected too. I had spent a little time explaining details of the project in the news section, now it’s gone and nobody knows what’s the purpose of the lab (with some luck, I will remember :p)

My Python scripts that look at active and past labs stopped working yesterday. My URL request that used to fetch the designs now returns empty lists and “None” in the JSON data. The URL that used to work is ‘…

I think I’m starting to “get it”. Labs have been “upgraded”, and they now consist of a collection of lab-puzzles. I assume that the upgrade operation created new IDs for the global object, copied a few fields (pictures for instance) from the original one but missed a few as well (comments and/or news items)

Oh, just saw the lab ID thing. Please don’t change our current ID’s. Neither for labs or single designs. Earlier under a big update a long time back the same happened and many of the the links in the forum went non-working. And it never got fixed. So there is a lot of dead links in the early articles. And we can’t fix them, because we can’t edit.

Can’t you just make new ID’s for the coming projects? Or keep the old ID’s and make a new ID just for connecting the labs that belongs together?

Are things straightened out for you now? I’ve been tracking changes on the API for Server Data Queries wiki page.

Another thing that has been broken since the update, is the green mark on the active labs that shows we have been solving designs in that lab. I have been adding 3 designs in this lab, and yet it does not show up as usual.

Ah, UI issues. That’s a whole can of worms in itself. Has anyone started collecting those in one place?

Hi Omei!

No, I don’t think we have a page that collect just those. It is more like they pop up as single posts and often I and other players just pm problems to the devs. However I could see the use of a page for just for UI issues. I could start one.

It could help getting focus on what is common problems.

Hi all,

There are two nids. One is the lab nid that is exactly same as before. The other is the project nid that represents the unique id of each projects. You can use lab nid as usual. But the nid appears in the URL like is the project nid. You can find the old lab nid in the project detail page.

Hi Eli, lab IDs are not changed. And the new IDs are assigned to the coming projects.