2 features that I think we need in puzzle creator

I tried working a bit with the puzzle creator lately, and there are 2 things that I think would make it a bit better:

  1. Sliding-The ability in puzzle creator to slide the target sequence, so for example if it was 4-6:8-10, it will turn into 3-5:8-10. It will help in switches where the switch makes the switch makes one lane (I think its lane) slide a bit. not so common, but I really like those puzzles and it shouldn’t be that hard to create imo.
  2. Specific zone rules: The ability to specify rules such as “2 G 3 U max” or “2GC max” for a specific zone of the target mode of the puzzle. I think it would help a ton in educational sandboxes puzzles, such as a puzzle with a lot of hairpins, each with its own end loop or middle loops, that forces the player to experiment with kinds of boosting and bonds, by not putting one restriction on the entire puzzle, but just for the hairpins, or loops, or lanes.
    Also, I think that if that would be added there also shall be a way to specify rules for boosting, such as “1 minimum UU boost here” or “max one AG boost here”. Would also be nice for other tutorials that are in the puzzle progression .
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