404 in Lab view

Looking at a submission, I clicked EyeBall for Melt/Plot.
In that panel there’s a link labeled “What do these parameters mean”. The URL seems to have been truncated
… /web/ … which is short for http://eterna.cmu.edu/web/
So this link is both 1) busted and 2) incorrect.

p.s. Looking for the correct URL now.

I see that the link is now working, fixed and changed to http://eterna.cmu.edu/web/lab/manual/

RFE: it would be nice to have an expanded explanation of Melting and Pair Probability, specifically the graphical representation. Perhaps a Wiki page?

* What do these means" brings participant to the very top of the lab manual page. We could put an internal anchor at the Melting paragraph, so the link could direct precisely there.
* though PPlot has a nice example graph and decent explanation, the section on Melt doesn’t even mention graphing

Material from “Lab Guide for New Players” on Plot and Melt:
2 separate sections

Maybe that could be extracted into a separate mini-doc (Terrible idea; maintenance becomes a pain) or, simpler, bring Plot and Melt together into one section so the link would point to both.

In any case, I suggest that people who are already in the Lab need more than just intro material i.e. link from Lab View to this section.