A "Hearty Round of Applause!"

Hi All,

Following this latest round of Improvements and Feature Addtions for Player Convenience in EteRNA:

  1. the addition of Nucleotide Numbering in the Graphic Interface (making it inestimably easier to communicate with others about issues at specific locations in the RNA molecules),
  2. the addition of the option to show the Nucleotides as LETTERS instead of icons (going a long way forward in making the game more accessible to color-blind players),
  3. the addition of “Low-Performance Mode,” which speeds up the slow performance of the Flash interface on slower internet connections,
  4. the addition of the ability to get a URL for a specific design, or for all designs by a specific player,
  5. the host of other smaller improvements and bug-fixes that go on everyday behind the scenes,
  6. and for the MAJOR effort required to successfully move this game from a 400 player beta-test - to a 20,000-plus player (and growing daily!) - global science-game-phenomenon…

…I thought it was high time for a “Hearty Round of Applause” for the whole Dev Team, (Programmers, Admins, “Lab-Rats,” scientists, and those in any other category I may have neglected to mention), for their tireless efforts to improve this amazing game we are all SO INTO!

Not only are they constantly hard at work making these game improvements, but I have never seen a more responsive group of Devs.

They are constantly answering questions in chat (from the most complex and difficult queries of the most knowledgeable players, to the simplest, most elementary questions of the greenest newbies).

They respond (aften almost immediately) to every Idea and Question posted on Get-Satisfaction, and always with the most extreme thoughtfulness and courtesy.

And they consistently go beyond what I would consider “the call of duty” to make every player feel “heard” and respected in all communications, no matter how complex or mundane the subject, or which venue they are in.

So, in addtion to this “round of applause,” I’d also just like to express my sincere personal appreciation for everything the whole team does on a daily basis, without any expectation of recogntion or appreciation.

And I know the majority of other players will undoubtedly share these sentiments, and will join me in this expression of sincere gratitude as well.

Thanks, and Best Regards,


Gosh, thank you D9. Can’t say how much that means. Really, the heart of the game is the player community, and, I must say, we’re in awe of the passion, creativity, and depth of thought put in by you and all the other players. Thank you.