A way to access information about puzzles and users

Is there any way to access the puzzles you’ve solved and basic data about the puzzles, like their point value, with a script? I’d like to be able to sort them in my own ways, and calculate what percent I’ve solved, etc. Not only does accessing the full site with a script use much more bandwidth, it’s set up so that it would require a lot of workarounds to actually grab the page source. At the least, it’d be nice so that I could easily view a list of unsolved puzzles, so I wouldn’t need to dig go through each page each time I felt like doing a puzzle. They’d all be in one place. Implementing a lot of new features seems like it would take a lot more work for you guys, and for people like me, I like having a lot of features. They’d probably be pretty user specific, as well, so only one or two people would actually want it. With a simple text output in list format, it’d be possible for those of us who are able to program to add in our own useful features. It’d be less work for you, and we’d be able to customize things more. I’m not talking about allowing us to actually mod the game. That would not end well. I’d just like to be able to pull in statistics so I can do more number analysis.


Perhaps, CSV files of all puzzles, and list of puzzles you cleared would do a trick? We were hesitant to make them public since they don’t look friendly to most users, but if you think experts would like them, we could links to those files in “Cleared puzzles” section in user profile

That would be great. Would they be available on all users, or just the user accessing them? Thanks! :smiley: