Ability to reorder columns in the voting screen

I would like to be able to drag the columns around in the voting screen. So I can bring the free energy column over to the left so I can see it with out having to scroll over.

This is a great idea. I believe that we even had this at one point, but took it out right before the beta because there were some problems. But therefore, I don’t think it should be too hard to put back it. It’s feature 163 in the bug tracker.

A second to this idea; even on first visit to lab, it was apparent that this would allow you to more easily make whatever associations you might like - so that they’d be more apparent and more quickly accessible; this is another good example of getting the interface out of the way of thought processes.

Hi all,

After 8 months - this idea is finally implemented. Check out the game!

Clicking on a column twice to sort descending no longer works for me (it only sorts ascending). Doing so through “Edit sort options” still works.

Hi aldo,

That problem has been fixed. Thanks for reporting!