Achievement announcer and smart links

Smart links are an idea I burrowed from games such as WoW and Warframe, which have systems for linking items and achievements to chat. So basically the idea is having the option to link puzzles, achievements, scripts, screenshots, etc. via a shortened link ([p:17099] instead of ). I started working on it and it seems to be pretty feasible, so the question is what do you think it can be used for? (I mean like the announcer below uses the achievement links)
an exampe for a link (you can hover over it)
The announcer is an idea I had some days ago, while experimenting with smart links. It is basically a system that announces in chat whenever someone get an achievement (or just specific achievements). It helps to keep players motivated, and it just feels awesome getting an achievement like that.

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Have you incorporated into the open-source github repository for the chat?
Maybe create a branch and commit. Then omei & LFP6 could test it out, and if you all like it, incorporate into the in-game chat application.


I talked about it with lfp6 for a bit; I will do the css (which is really the main thing) and implement it, and we will see how we go from there.

About the announcer, I think that it could be created via a bot without any integration from the devs, but I want to hear more opinions about it before building it.

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I think its a great idea!  This can really enhance gamification at eteRNA.