Action script error

Error #2044 : Unhandled ioError
text=Error #2032
Stream Error URL
at ChatBox[] at Application[] at ChatApp[] at Chat_fla::MainTimeline/frame1[]

Hello Steveb. This is a very useful error for us since we are debugging the chat box!

Can you describe what happened after seeing this message? Did chat box kept saying “Connecting…”?

Hello Jeehyung,

The chat box appeared normal (ie no “connecting…” message) but I cannot tell you more than that as I was not using chat at the time.

I am generally playing from a dev. machine in UW at the moment, which appears to have a Flash debugger permanently installed, so I’ll post you more if I get it



Just had the problem occur again, and this time I took notice.

It occurred after clicking a puzzle on the Challenges list of puzzle, and when the webpage reloaded with the puzzle page, the browser (firefox) hangs and the action script debug window appears, which is also in a hung state (cannot be dragged around the screen).

Bringing up the task manager and closing the flash player application will remove the action script debug window and allow the webpage to continue to load, with a fully functional chat window.

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