Adapt properly for differing color perception by default; basic usability flaw

Colors are not well chosen for people with red-green color vision deficiency.
Also the nodes are too small to see the colors properly.
It makes it difficult to reason intuitively and automatically, when you have to focus hard on the colors.

Please conduct tests with people of varying color viewing perceptions. It’s a big common mistake in user experience design recently, that focus more on effect and coolness than understandability and intuitiveness. This is very frustrating and excluding.

Thanks for fixing this.

Btw, this is not color blind. A wrong derogatory word.

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Hi Petert!

A long time back my comrade Mat747 has brought forth suggestions on how to get our game more friendly on exactly what you are bringing up. The developers then made a Letter mode for bases. You can turn on the letter option, under gears.

For lab you can watch the lab data and SHAPE colors with numbers by turning on this mode. I know it ain’t pretty, as there are way too many decimals and they cover the letters.

Mat originally suggested putting numbers on the bases. Here was the SHAPE color scale made by devs, running from -9 to 9.

Below are some examples of what Mat suggested.

As Mat added: “Foldit has a colour blind mode. When I was playing, Foldit had a number of the top players that were colour blind.”

Mat found a web designers tool that can help developers see what their page looks to people with different kind of color vision.…

He also found the following test page, the app works well on it.…

Thx for voicing your concern. Feel free to bring it up in the developers chat also.

Good luck,
Eli and Mat

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