Add date to synthesized RNAs in profile.

When labs come back, I often have trouble finding my submissions, especially with so many labs outstanding at one time. It seems to me that if we added the date of the lab (and a link to the lab?) to the list of synthesized RNAs on the profile page, it would make it easier to track them down. Making that list optionally sort-able by date would also help greatly.


It came up for me as an issue again, so Iā€™m bumping it. Also, it would be good to have the lab name and a link to the whole lab while we are at it.

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I very much agree with your request. It would also be very helpful to have the labs sorted by batch - as the labs in the same round experienced the exact same conditions. This will be a help to trouble shoot afterwards if there are high error rates. Afterwards the info on which round a lab belong to, is no where to be found inside eterna.

I totally agree that the lab page (both the archive and the players lab page) needs some updating. With so many past labs it is very hard to navigate the designs and/or lab rounds

Omei has written a fine script which throws all the lab names + thumbnail images in the WIKI, where they are searchable by name (in the browser). Also one can now click on their ID number to get to the lab.

Generate a list of past labs for the wiki (v2)

List of EteRNA Labs

The script sorts the lab alphabetically. However if anyone knows how to add the round or date information to the script, this could be the fastest way to get this information for now.