Add energy model info to design browser & API

Currently, it appears the free energy and melt point are determined by the energy model that the user submitted it with. You should be able to choose which energy models to display instead (ie, you could have a column for the energy calculated by all 3, or just the one you find important), or at the VERY least it should be listed which energy model the free energy is calculated from.


This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled automatically add an engine label to each submitted lab design.

When submitting a lab desgin, the design should automatically have a column that says “created using engine xyz” (V1, V2, etc). so submissions can be compared later based on that criterion

Having recently been working with submitting designs from a bot, Nando brought up a good point. Bots could be using their own customized energy models, so this does need to be considered in this. You might need to specify if it’s not included in EteRNA, then provide the name and version, and if you’ve modified it or something. Not sure what would be best.

Also, pair counts, free energy, melt point, etc are all given as submission criteria, so these are all effected by whatever would be used (if included at all, as they’re not required and just default to 0).