add to script "mutation generator" aditional features

I need in some way after I post my design by script to see how many pairs are connected and with one engine for example: 
150  = 51 + 50 + 49 
That will tell me that design satisfied convention in all engines and have 51 pairs connected in Vienna , 50 pairs in Vienna2 and 49 pairs in NuPACK . I think that more paired design have better eterna score and 2 flat horizontal lines in melting graph gives aditional points to that score and last thing that give ever more points is a first flat horizontal line if it starts at the beginning of melting graph.
As now in game we have functions {mutation} {number}.
Add {pairs} to show that what I mentioned at the beginning of that post. 
I prefer to see some script that can show me only designs with satisfy all 3 engines (not only one as it is now)  I believe it takes more time but for me it is ok I remember when we deal with OpenTB NuPACK calculate too long with only 1 engine (that because there was 4 states but now only 2)

Thank to those who are making that scripts , it helps a lot . 

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Thank you for the ideas, @worsize.

For the immediate future, the team behind the mutation booster is going to take a break from development and actually follow their own advice to create and submit OpenCRISPR designs.  But we have received numerous very good suggestions on how to make it even more useful, and I certainly expect it to evolve over time.

The suggestion for testing the mutations in all multiple engines has been made a number of times, and I think it would be good to have that as an advanced option.  It will significantly slow down the mutation process, so I don’t think we would want it as a default.  Your suggestion for adding to the {} vocabulary is new, and is also a good idea.

The last set of experiments I submitted puzzles using different engines and based on my results have personally concluded that the engine used makes no difference in the results. Maybe you will be able to convince me otherwise.  Just my 2 cents worth.