Add "un-cleared" sort option to challenge list?

I think it’d be a nice little convenience to add an “un-cleared” sort option to the Puzzle Challenges list that would bring all the puzzles you have not yet cleared right to the top of the list. I rarely do the puzzles in order, and at times, both of the existing sorts still leave me searching for as-yet uncleared puzzles. A minor annoyance, admittedly, but it has repeatedly come to my mind as being a nice little touch to have implemented.



This is definitely going to be useful.

This is however technically not so trivial, as we have to modify our caching system for this to work.

It is definitely possible and is on our table but it will be implemented in relatively long term (possible 1-2 weeks).

I’d like to add another different sort option request to this post - It occurred to me that a simple alphabetical sort would also be useful and convenient; similar to the sort that already appears in our profiles. This would make it much easier to find puzzles by name, as currently the only options are date of creation, and difficulty. (or point-value) - both good, as far as they go, but why not accommodate all approaches? Also, perhaps this addition would not be so “non-trivial” to implement as the “un-cleared” sort option. (?)

Just wanted to add this so it is all recorded for devs in the same place: I’d be really good to have a Sort to separate out “Competition” puzzles to top of list.

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This sounds like a great idea

at min’s request, goosing to top of list… :slight_smile:

what about “difficulty” (stars), “money”, “times solved” (how many people solved a challenge) and “level” (level 1, 2, 3 etc) sorts? They all look useful to me :slight_smile: