Additions to eternascript and the flash api

I had some ideas for things that could help create a wider variety of scripts, and more powerful ones. While some of these ideas are probably out of the window in terms of time, at least some of those ideas could be feasible to implement, and at least should be on our checklist if the flash app goes open source.

  • Events: Events would help so much to create smarter boosters. onSequenceChanged could help us make better energy & pairing statistics, onBaseMarked could help us save the marked bases locally, and help support custom markers (see later point), and generic click events could also be great- I don’t know if we can use them right now, I failed to do so when I tried.

  • UI data: Stuff like get_nucleotide_size, get_nucleotide_position(index) would let us make all sort of html overlays to the RNA, such as custom markers, and things like removing the DNA part in crisper (and redrawing the hidden RNA on top of it).

  • POST api queries: stuff like posting oligo puzzles, which is something nobody expect a UI for, could be great as a possible script query. We will then be able to make a terrible text based creation interface, but at least it will exist. I have absolutely no idea how hard will it be to implement, but it is something a lot of players have been asking for lately, and so if it will be possible it will be an amazing addition to the site.

  • Glue tool control: A way to control the glued structure could be great, for example importing strategies from booster-generated ones, like my phylo tool or a future booster representation of Broud’s and Nando’s OpenTB solver.

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