Advanced tutorials?

I think puzzles in challenges are too difficult for me. I think there should be more tutorials (i.e. advanced tutorials) in order to tell players neat tips & tricks about folding RNA.

I think that one thing that would be neat to show is how to solve length-1 stacks. Also, a tutorial on loop bonuses would be great.

Does anyone else have other good ideas for “advanced tutorials.” Otherwise, we could start with those…

While this has been planned for quite a while, it’s finally becoming a reality with the NOVA Labs tutorials which will (to my knowledge) eventually be integrated, as well as the new tutorial creator.

Marking as planned, as it’s not fully completed/implemented yet.

Maybe we should avoid “zombie-threads”… 

In my perspective, if it still has relevance, and as such should come back to life as there are developments. If this were a bug that has already been resolved, I’d agree (and I have been quietly resolving such things, as opposed to commenting on them that I am doing so).

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Would it be possible to construct a puzzle page where the natural state and the target state are shown side by side?  Then, when a beginner starts to add NT’s in the target state, he/she can see the natural state “snap” together.  And if it’s possible, is it worth the work to implement it?

I created a new thread that addresses this topic here.  Hope that’s alright.

I can’t speak to the technical difficulty of doing this, but I think it makes sense from a learning perspective.  For some of the larger molecules, it might get a little crowded.  But maybe the feature could be turned off and on?

@LFP6: Should we move whbob’s post to a new thread in order to track it as a suggestion/issue?

It has actuallyalready been posted a looooong time ago. I’ll merge into that topic.

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