Aid in finding past lab design results

In the latest dev chat there was a discussion of commenting on lab results.

It brings me back to an issue that I have raised before: it is hard to find my results when the lab data is in.

I sometimes am testing a particular issue or strategy with regard to a design submission (e.g. a mod of someone else’s design, energy-model based tuning, lab-data mined designs, etc.). But right now, finding those results can be a challenge. The only listing of my designs available to me is in my profile sorted by score. I would *love* to also have that listing sortable my either lab date or results date so that I could more easily jump to my latest results for analysis.

I leave it to the lab gurus like Eli with the time and inclination to pore over the results of entire labs for patterns. For myself, I would at least like to find and look at my design results to see if I can learn from my successes and mistakes. Right now, that is a time consuming process. Temporally sorting them would help greatly.


Hi JL!

I recently discovered a trick to easier watch my lab results from all sublabs at once.

I was preparing to put it into a lab puzzle tutorial, but now it seems natural to share here instead.

However there are things one can not do in here, like vote and such. However it still makes it easier to find my own results quite fast and searching it out by designer name.

Hereby the tip is passed on. And with it, I will also recommend players naming their lab designs so they can easily identify which sub lab their design belongs to. I know I will for the future, so it is easier for me to find my own designs and see which sub lab they belong to.

How to watch all data in a lab with sub labs at once

Here is how to. Open link to Mother lab - the lab info page that contains the links to the sub labs.

Then change the word lab in the URL to browse instead. And voila, you get all labs shown at once.

Now you will be able to see all data from the 4 sub labs at once. This is particular helpful for watching areas of the lab design that align from the start of the sequence. In this case the tail.

Example of base color data from all 4 sub labs at once:

Its mainly useful for labs where sections of the sub labs are identical from base 1 and up a while. Which just happens to be perfect for tails, even if not all the tails are of the same length either. But still this gives an idea of what combo is better in general.

Image of data not aligning between different sub labs (right), but notice the alignment (left)

Another good place to look for data

I know the above will not solve your problem for good. The best place for watching data will still be the data collection in the WIKI with the spreadsheets of Meechl and fusion table of Omei.…

  • What our RMDB data is lacking of datafield is designers name. With it, what you wish for would be possible like with a snap of your fingers.

  • But even better, if the lab link was linked up from in there too, so one could get directly to the design. So I’m guessing I wish for two extra datafields for the RMDB data. Or in our spreadsheets.

  • I also really like your idea of being able to sort lab designs on our profiles, like they were puzzles. So we could sort after date and recent results. It would be the most useful if we could easier access our designs from in game. I think this would also aid our new designers for learning faster.

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Thanks Eli, that’s very helpful, especially in cases where there a many, many, many sub-labs.

Thx for bringing it up and np. :slight_smile:

Glad you brought this up again JLee. Under related convo’s. I had a discussion with Eli 7 months ago about this very topic.
While we are on the topic… sorting the archived labs better in general would be helpful as well.

Also I should add the more easy way in, which was actually how I discovered in the first place and why the post now says implemented.

If a lab have sub labs, choosing the button Review results , will send you directly into all the lab data at once.

Hmm. It now says “Implemented” on this thread, but while I see a choice for SolvedDate/PuzzleDate/PuzzleName under Cleared Puzzles, I don’t see a similar choice under Synthesized RNAs. Coming soon to a release near you?

jandersonlee, this has been proposed before already, but it has not been implemented.
Would be nice to sort our results by lab and by date, and not by score, which throws all labs to gether helter skelter, and at thousands of labs makes the “my manufactured RNAs” list useless as it is at the moment.

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When I click on one of my synthesized RNAs, I get just one line of data. The only identification is the sub-lab name.  It would be helpful if it also included the main lab name.  I know that the main lab ID number and sub-lab ID number are in the url address, but if they were next to their respective lab/sub-lab names it would be easier for me to understand where that particular synthesized RNA line in my profile came from.

Thanks for the tip on changing the url.  I found that using http://…/web/browse/sub-labID# brings up the  entire list of the sub-lab. Also, it’s a different (new?) UI.  I don’t know how to implement the advanced sequence search & there is no help button:(