Android version

I saw the article some guy had made about eterna being on flight test however upon trying to access the link I just get a blank page. Since then, has there been any interest from the devs to actually make a full on android port with account integration?

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Hi Stavinair,

The mobile version you’re referring to was somewhat of a pilot test, and hasn’t been around for some time. Now that we’ve finally moved away from Flash (woo!) you can actually play a fair amount of the game on a mobile browser. There are some issues with it however, so we don’t officially support it yet. While we’re not actively working on it right now, it is something we plan on working on. As with everything, it’s a matter of where it falls in our priorities and how much development resources we have.

I just hope eventually a dedicated android app is developed. If I had to pay to download it, I would gladly do so

Does the test pilot have account integration? Also, would anybody have the apk? I can’t find it anywhere, surprisingly.

The main thing than an actual app would buy you over mobile browser is mainly just offline solving - hopefully it is something we can look into at some point.

The TestPilot has been taken down, it’s not available anywhere as far as I know.