Anyone having problems with missing auto-saved data?

I have opened a few puzzles that I have previously worked, but not solved, and found that my auto-saved data is gone. The message reads that I have auto-saved data, but the puzzle is solid yellow.

a) Prevotella Level Zero. This puzzle is famous and I am sure that I had some work saved.
b) 5S Ribosomal RNA Level 4: I worked on it yesterday, and today it is all yellow.

Is it just me and my computer that has this problem?

However, my auto-saved data for Berex Internal Bugle (player puzzle) is still there. I was working on it last night.

Thanks in advance for any input.


I’m sorry about this delayed response.

Is it possible that you were working on two different computers? The game saves your solutions in your local storage, so if you use a different computer, autosaved data won’t be there.

Let us know. Thanks for reporting!

EteRNA team

I have this trouble, and I only work on one computer. I went through the player puzzles and then tried to go back and work some more on the ones I couldn’t get…so many, sigh…and they had erased their partial solutions back to yellow. Maybe there is a limit to how many can be saved? Or possibly there is some trouble with transmitting partial solutions sometimes when we leave them? I know I have a somewhat iffy wireless router to my internet, maybe there are failures there, but there is never a less partial solution, (an earlier solution than the one when I left), just the yellow. I let the program use part of my local drive in hopes that it would solve this, but it didn’t.

I have the same trouble with regular interval. Sometime even if I just solved the puzzle and then want to take a second look on it, as I discuss it with others.

I use two different computers, so I know that some are in different places, but I do get this problem as well!!!

This is why I’d really like to have the option, that seems to be on the lab puzzles, to copy off the sequence and store it on my own computer, then be able to paste it back in. It’s really frustrating to lose a partial solution to one of the big puzzles. I would think it would be important to address this soon, since I imagine it will only get worse the more player puzzles there are…