are GA pairs formed in nature in preference to GC pairs?

Looking at…

If I look at the blue/yellow version base 24 looks unpaired and base 25 looks paired

So going back to look at the actual bases I can’t see what base 25 would actually have paired up with ?
I was wondering if that might be another nearby molecule - and if that might be something to look at once this switching lab starts up?
Hurshy suggested (“wildly guessing”) it might be paired with 29 and 78 might be paired with 63

That would be a red yellow pair - rather than a red green one - which seemed unlikely (but I gather might be possible??)

I’m not sure about 78 with 63 - I think that might need the loops lying next to each other ? and another red yellow pair - but “sideways”?

anyway thought I’d ask here :slight_smile:

From Eli
check out…

? I’m confused too…