I was working on adding info on autosave in the lab tutorial, because I saw in chat, that one new lab player lost his coming lab design, by checking a design by someone else. This is something that most of us have tried.

Here is how autosave for lab works. It only remembers the last designs you entered. So if you are in the middle of designing for a lab, and decides to go watch a lab design in the same round by someone else, the last you viewed will be remembered and you lost what you were working on.

Then Mat came up with an idea:

We need something like the system that Foldit has, the one they have history of moves. We have undo and redo now, but I would like some more options.

In Eterna, one can always go back and forward with the Z and Y hotkey. But only one single step at a time. It would be neat if we could also take big steps back or forward.

The current system saves your moves now, in Foldit you can set the amount of moves history you want.

The max history in foldit is 100 moves using the graph. 100 moves in foldit is tiny, so the save points are a big help. Also for lab submissions, it would be good to save a few solutions here without having to upload them to the lab, where people could vote on designs that you maybe still unsure of.

Have a one or more restore points/saves would be useful for both the lab and player puzzles. It would save a lot of clicking as well. Perhaps it could even help with the lag.

A clickable graph for how to jump back to an earlier version would be great, but it would help with just a hotkey for now. Having a restore to last stable point would also be good.

In foldit you can set a recent best/save point and you have more then one of those, you can do it via hotkey too. Under Save, load……


Nice idea Eli. Even just having a hot key for "save this sequence " so that you can go back to it later when you try changing things or if you navigate away to look at other designs would be helpful.

I would like to have a navigable mutation tree containing every sequence I used, and I could go back to any sequence with a single click by selecting from within the tree


Thx Hyphema and Hogla!

Hogla, I really like your idea with a tree of the changes. Because going back to last stable version or last save point, wouldn’t always be enough. When I’m using Z to move back through my change history, I usually go back to last time before I started changing solving strategy big time, which can be a good point before the last stable version.

Mat adds as a comment to Hogla’s comment:

Foldit does have Tracks too, that is used with history.