Badges for successful lab results: Synthesis score of 94 or higher.

In your achievements you can get badges like “Lab Member” and “Tutorial Completed”. It would be nice if they had one for when you get successful results (94 or higher) from the lab results. This would be a good incentive to encourage people to build RNA that will show success in the lab.

Of course, there could eventually be a badge for being synthesized in the first place, another if you were successful, and three other to show the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd placed winners; however that may be difficult as synthesis score can tie since it’s based on a rounded decimal system.

I’m more focused on the badge that rewards those who create successful folding in the lab


Great idea. Yes we should definitely have more badges including successful synthesis badge (which you’ll get!)

The dev team is currently focusing on redesigning the lab voting system - but we’ll definitely come back to adding more cool badges

EteRNA team

Nice to know. :slight_smile: