Binning By Puzzle Difficulty

We should just put in the infrastructure to make a PUZZDIFFICULTY meta definition and initially base it on the total number of solvers that puzzle has. More complex or better methods to capture information on difficulty can be determined at a later time. Then, having this as a search option should help with players searching for stuff to do.

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yea! I really like the idea of puzzle difficulty too. The only problem is that a lot of the newer puzzles also have few solvers but are relatively easy, which means that it might also be nice to take into the account the date that the puzzle was set. The older the puzzle was made and the less solves, the harder. In any case, I definitely agree with you about starting off with using the number of solves for making puzzle ratings.
We also might eventually want to track how many people tried a puzzle, like teslagon for example is pretty hard but has a relatively high number of solves and so on… anyways there’s a lot of ideas lol