Book please!

Just an idea. Maybe you could publish a book about Eterna. About, beginning,intermediate and advanced. Discussing FMN which I still don’t know what it’s about. Melting point and free energy with example diagrams etc… I prefer a book to a pdf. I’m visual and hands on. I find it very fustrating to scroll from one page to the other. I still love to flip pages and see everything at the same time . I know all this information is on your website but you have to look for it all over the place. The extra money could go to help sceintific reseach!

Hi RmBren!

One of our scientists was online with some good news today. Here is a small outline from the chat: (For the rest of it see here.)

jeehyung: good here. we have a new wiki [without those ads now!] and a synthesis team blog coming soon,…
jeehyung: It should be much cleaner now. Hopefully we can organize all the great stuff players write in the wiki : ]
jeehyung: On the synthesis team blog, we are thinking about having our players write posts too. that should be fun : ]

I have also tried collect some of the best stuff on my profile page.

I know it won’t be a book, but still. I wouldn’t mind if anyone made a book/kindle edition of the collective Eterna wisdom. Untill then we will try gathering the bits of golden advice as we can best.