Brand new EternaJS - Posting Board

I have created this Forum Post to serve as a location to post any praise, questions, problems, comments, concerns, etc. regarding the newly released (10-16-18) EternaJS server. 

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I have encountered a curious scenario. When using the ‘CTRL+Right Click’ method of highlighting bases while solving a puzzle (a two-state switch) the in-game chat would often get highlighted itself as if I had selected it (i.e., it had that blue shading over it to indicate selection). This I found especially curious as I only ever clicked on the bases. Perhaps the combination that resulted in this selection was CTRL+Double Right Click. In any case this is not a huge problem, but a true nuisance as I solve switches this way regularly. Thank you. 

Hey Cynwulf! Thanks for the thought, but I’d ask that a new topic be created for each unique piece of feedback. That’ll allow me to more easily track the status of each issue, and also EternaJS is how Eterna will be going forward, so any general Eterna feedback naturally applies to EternaJS. :slight_smile: