Bug in autosave of puzzles

We are several players who has lost partial puzzle solves lately due to autosave not working.

JR mentioned the other day having problems too. Today Jnicol asked if others had trouble with autosave. Hoglahoo, Janelle and IconMaster confirmed the problem.

hoglahoo: It has apparently been disabled/broken since a recent update

It dates back to around 8 march where I was working on a hard geography puzzle and my part solve were gone when I reopened it.

I share the symptom and concur with the timeframe

Ouch… Added to our temp issue spreadsheet: http://eternawiki.org/wiki/index.php5…

Thx, LFP!

Looks like we’re back in business, autosave working again, thanks jee

Glad to hear it is solved. Jee, thx.

Cool… I’ll remove it from the tracker. Let me know if the status changes.