Bug in puzzlemaker using native mode and inserting pairs to stack.

I’ve got a reproducible bug in puzzle maker on my Firefox/win7 system. Puzzle maker is placing two unpaired dots in my dot-bracket notation in the middle of my stack whenever I try and add or delete a pair to any part of the stack. Not cool.

Fill the starting shape with GC’s. Go to native mode. Pick a quad at least one pair away from either end and set to (all A’s) or (two G’s two A’s) or (two C’s two A’s) or (two U’s twoG’s). It opens into a 2-2 bulge in native mode. Now add or subtract a pair to any part of the stack while in native mode. The dot-bracket notation will now show a 2-2 bulge as my intended shape, not a longer/shorter stack! It gets the length right but puts the added nt’s in the wrong place.

And if I reverse the process where it thinks it should have a 2-2bulge and I place GC pairs across the bulge then go to target mode and add/delete a pair from anywhere in the stack and presto, it changes the dot-bracket notation and makes the target shape back into a straight stack!!

Truly shooting at a moving target. :frowning: