Bug in score calculations?

I noticed that my score currently ends in an 8, even though as far as I know only two puzzles have values that aren’t multiples of 5 (“Loop Strategy - Learn about the 2-2 Loop (2)” for 62 points and “Loop Strategy - Learn about the Corner Loop” for 58) and I’ve completed both.

Possible there’s a bug in scoring?

Same problem here.
Some of us solved the first few of the Loops puzzles too early, when they were only 10 and 15 points worth. Later Sneh increased the values of these puzzles but players who already solved them didn’t get the higher scores.

Oh, I see. Thanks, madde.

Do you know if that happened on other puzzles too? After noticing this I went back to check point values on the other puzzles and by my calculations (of course I could have made an error, it was a lot of puzzles to check) there should be a total of 241235 points from puzzles (not including Prevotella) and I think I have 240208 (so a difference of 1027). I’ve checked and I didn’t miss any puzzles.

suspect similar

I think this may have also happened to me

Hi Madde, Ding and dimension9

Madde is right. It seems our puzzle designer changed puzzle rewards after you have cleared them and the change didn’t apply retroactively.

It has been recorded as case #421 in our case tracker

EteRNA team

In a similar vein, when doing challenges, the game seems to record your first score and keep that even if you go back and redesign the molecule - do all solutions result in the same score, or is this another artifact of ‘sticky’ scores?

Hi duanev,

I’m not sure if I understood your question correctly, but if you are talking about clearing same puzzles multiple times, you only get reward the first time you clear the puzzle.

I think duanev is probably talking about when you first clear a level an announcement pops up that says +xyz referring to how many ranks you’ve moved up by clearing that puzzle.

I was confused by this at first too, thinking it was telling me how many points were added to my score, and I’ve seen the question come up a few times in the chatbox also.

Yes Jeehyung that is what I’m seeing and I was hoping we weren’t being penalized for coming up to speed. :frowning: If re-solving a puzzle can produce a better score then why not allow that?

the problem goes beyond this – i’ve hit reset a few times for puzzles i’ve already solved while chasing G-U points – the system resets, strips you of the points, but still shows the puzzle as solved – meaning that when you solve it again you cannot regain the lost points — they are lost forever


Can you tell me which puzzle it was that you were stripped points from? Our system has no way of stripping points earned from puzzles (even admins can’t do that.)

Your points can be decreased only in RNA lab, when we find in our previous results and adjust scores for them. This has happened once early this week (3/8/2011). Is this possibly what happened?

thanks for the response – can’t remember which one and don’t want to try again and lose more points – also, if i’ve solved the exact same number of puzzles as others - all that are solvable – how can they be thousands of points ahead of me?

Alex - many of the top players are earning points from the lab design competitions, which award points in a different manner than points awarded for solved puzzles. . .

Alan – thanks

Somebody told above that GU competition puzzles, have different points by classification??, I’m already finished with all the challenges and now i’m improving several of GU competitions and my points remained in the same, It’s this true or I’m mistaken??

No extra points, I’m afraid, just bragging rights to be on the leaderboard for most number of GUs