Built-in booster for creating mutations to lab sequences

When the dev team made the decision for OpenCRISPR to scale up the experimental process to allow for testing 96,000 designs, we knew it would require introducing new tools to make players more productive. As a first installment, we now have a standard booster for quickly creating a set of mutations to any existing design!

The booster was created entirely by a group of regular players.  Eli, whbob, Mat747, MasterStormer, LFP6 and I worked together to transform a (personal) booster developed by jandersonlee into one we felt would be useful to (and usable by) any player participating in the lab.  You can now find it on your booster (lightning bolt) menu.

Eli has written a guide to using it, and he’ll be updating that based on questions/comments posted here, along with new features we hope to add fairly quickly.  The first enhancement on our list is to support one-step submission of an entire batch of mutations.

In the week and a half since the OpenCRISPR puzzles were released, 73 players have already submitted 12,342 designs!  That’s more than the final total submitted for any previous lab round. But it is still well short of the submission rate we need to have 96,000 designs by the end of next month.  This is your chance to step up and use the same kind of tools that until now have been accessible only to those players with some familiarity with Eternascript.


I proudly present our new booster.

Mutation Booster Intro

Let the mutations begin… :slight_smile: