Can I save an almost-completed puzzle? And resume it later?

Sorry, the title pretty much says it all.

A puzzle is saved to your local computer automatically when you close it. So if you open up the puzzle again on the same computer it should be there waiting for you. It won’t be the case if you go to another computer.

If the save doesn’t work for your computer though, let us know.

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How do I save a puzzle session which I want to finish some other time?.

After I log out of eteRNA, it doesn’t take me back to the puzzle that I was working on and sometimes I cant remember the right one. These are in the Challenge puzzles.

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how do I go back to the last puzzle I was working on.

It didn’t save it for me. I was working on the "Human Integrated Adenovirus " virus puzzle in Internet Explorer with “InPrivate” setting. I came back for a new session and my work on the puzzle was gone.

Yeah the game saves to your local computer. When you are “InPrivate” mode things like cookie and flash temporary files do not save, so that’s probably why it did not save. If you turn off “InPrivate” it will probably work.

We currently do not have this feature, however it is a great idea! I will put it on our feature list.

i underestand that if someone was playng and close the game, it is automatically saved.
But can i save a game and load it latter?

i have a puzzle almost done, and i want to try several ways to solve it, but whit a reference point.

is that possible?


Yes, a cookie will be saved at your computer with your puzzle data. When you have solved a puzzle, it gets saved on the server too. We have lately been getting our puzzle data back from the game server. However it has been buggy at times. LIke our solves dissapear from our computer with regular intervals or we can’t access our solves from the server. So if you want to be really sure to have your solve or partsolve, take a screenshot.

Good luck!

tanks very much…let me ask another cuestion: wich use can i give to the “copy to clip…” option so?

Hi Luciano! The copy to clipboard option, means that you can copy out the whole RNA letter sequence from your puzzle or lab. This can be handy for several things. You can use it for lab work, if you want to save a solution you perhaps later want to post, then you can dump it into the lab puzzle again (use the page with one arrow symbol on) You can also use the sequence if you want to check it with outside RNA structure prediction tools. Hope this helped.

thanks very much Eli !!