Can we submit our own complex and varied shapes we design?

I would like to know why we cannot design our own shapes and then submit them to be sequenced? I think this would be more interesting.

What would we learn if one attempt at designing the shape you choose failed in a strange way?

We learn much more by seeing multiple attempts at the same shape and seeing many different strange failures.

Good response. This is why others should vote on the shape and later it should be used to test with many trying to sequence it. Part of the criteria of deciding if others work on it could be if it didn’t fail.

Chris hits the nail on the head in terms of why we need to have multiple attempts. However, eventually we are incorporating different shapes and the users will have much involvement with that decision. At the moment, (we’re only doing our second shape), we’re choosing “simple” systems that are both challenging but we felt would be achievable given our RNA design knowledge at the moment.