Cannot use Alt+click with Chromebook

I’m stuck in the “Press alt and click on these bases (bases 20 and 21)” step of [Liquid Robotics] Level 8 of 11 because I’m unable to use the blue custom shape Alt+click tool on a Chromebook.

Instead of whatever the tool is supposed to do to the clicked base, I just get the “right click” context menu because Chromebooks use Alt+click as an accessibility feature for users unable to use a two-finger tap to simulate a right-click.

I don’t know if this is specific to Chromebooks or if it’s common to all Chrome OS devices, but there’s apparently no way to change this behavior.

Are there any other ways to activate the custom shape tool?

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Not currently, that I know of - thanks for reporting though! Hopefully this can get fixed.

Nando, I believe this is your area? Would it be relatively easy to add in a secondary hotkey?

The latest answer on that thread is “You can disable the alt key entirely by going to  MenuSettingsKeyboard settings  and selecting  Disabled  for the Alt key.”

I know you probably read it, but I posted it just for the chance you didn’t. Did it work?

Also, a theoretical idea of mine- is there a way to bind keys to different values, while keeping the alt accessibility of the alt key? Then you will have a real alt click on, say, numlock, while your actual alt key is for numlock and accessibility

That disables the Alt keys entirely, so the computer behaves as though a key wasn’t pressed at all.

As far as the GUI is concerned, the ability to change keybindings is currently very limited. The functions can be disabled or swapped/rearranged (i.e., so that Esc behaves as Alt and Alt behaves as Esc).

Chrome OS is built on Gentoo, and I have developer mode enabled. In theory, I might find the keybindings in config file somewhere. That said, much of the normal GNU/Linux stuff is heavily customized and locked-down, and I’ve barely started poking around to see which config files are located in a write-protected partition and which are user-editable.

While the alt key is pretty powerful, it is never required past this stage as far as I remember, so you can play the other stages on your chrombook, if you get the chance to finish this one on another computer (or maybe if an admin manually makes you pass this stage?)