Chat is not loading well and puzzle page remains blue with Flash v10 installed

Hi, I have problems loading both chat and puzzle.

First, the chat box appears with all text content stacked in the left upper corner. Second, when loading a puzzle, the loading animation shows up to 100% and then the screen goes blue with an image looking like a light bulb appearing in the upper left corner. Strangely, when I resize the screen, the chat shows up well and the bubble animation is displayed, without any puzzle and control bar. Also notice that the intro at the welcome page rendered fine, so it is not a Flash installation problem.

I installed the latest version of Flash Player and tested in Firefox 3.6.13, Internet Explorer 8 and Chrome, all with the exact same behavior. My OS is Windows Vista.

I provided screenshots illustrating the problem


Nitramigen, this problem might have been fixed now. Can you try again and let us know if it still doesn’t work?

Thank you

EteRNA team

No, the problem is not fixed, it acts as before your post. I tried to uninstall Flash Player with the official uninstaller published by Acrobat and reinstall it, without success. I also tried the beta version and got the same result.

Thanks for the follow up