Chat problems behind a firewall. . . .any suggestions?

I’m stuck for the next month or so behind a corporate firewall that blocks access to port 6667 (which is what the flash-applet IRC client seems to be using for the eterna chatbox). VPN ports also seems to be blocked, so that doesn’t seem to be a possible solution. I would imagine this is a common problem as many schools and institutions block IRC-related ports for security reasons.

I have a ssh tunnel/socks proxy working correctly, but I would need to somehow configure the flash IRC client to redirect to localhost instead of the eterna irc server in order to take advantage of that. Is there some way to allow for proxy configuration of the built-in chat client?

Hi alan

Unfortunately we don’t have an immediate solution for this. However, you can connect to the global channel of via an external IRC client - if you can make any eternal IRC client work, that would be the fastest way.

Let us know if that doesn’t work out.

EteRNA team

Thanks Jeehyung, I think that will work great!

For any others that may try this, I can’t connect directly to but doing a quick trace shows that the IRC server is in fact or “”, and it looks like you are allowed to create your own channels there as well if people want to have multiple discussions going on :slight_smile:

Oh I forgot to tell you that you IRC server address is Sorry about that and I see you have already figured that out. Wow : )

If I try to connect to this, my connection gets refused…