Chat problems

Chat is behaving weirdly. Working on two computers, the chats from one don’t show on the other. Are the only ‘real’ chats between one user and the admins? Also, sometimes whatever I type stays in the chat-entry window unless I delete it. Shows up over and over if I press enter. (of course)

Hi mummibrain,

We’ve put that down as bug #41 in the bug tracker. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

While we look into this problem, here is a stopgap solution: we think that the problem occurs when you’re logged in too many times to chat. It appears that the chat server doesn’t accept more than three simultaneous connections from any one user. If you have several browser tabs or windows all with the game open, try closing all but one and reloading the page. The chat should work.

Dear Mummiebrain:

We have modified the chat applet so that it now checks whether the connection to the chat server was successful. Unfortunately, you can still only have so many simultaneous connections to chat, but now at least the chat window will indicate whether the connection was successful. We hope this fixes your problem and the bug is now considered closed. Please contact us again if you are having further issues.