Clean Cut PATTERN guide to solving puzzles

Clean Cut Strategy Guide to Solving Puzzles:

#1: When starting a puzzle, determine if we are limited by the number of Red-Green pairs. If we are not, color every single paired match in target mode on one side first, with all red, or all green (but only ones that are side by side). If we are limited by the number of Red-Green pairs, color a single side Blue (but only ones that are side by side) so we have a Blue-Yellow lane.

#2: Begin flipping ONLY those pairs that are at the edges of their “lane”, i.e. before a bubble/circle and pay attention to the amount of redness in the puzzle’s thumbnail at the top of your screen. Play around with flipping them a bit, until the entire puzzle turns white. If we are limited by the number of Red-Green pairs, and we have gotten as much white as we can from the Blue-Yellow pairs, choose to place these Red-Green pairs ONLY at the edges of circles or bubbles. Consider the Red-Green pairs as “pinchers” in your lane, that create these bubbles for you.

#3: When we need to create Red-Blue pairs to fulfill the puzzle objective, if we are not limited by the number of Red-Green pairs, this means you will only need to turn the green dots blue. You can typically select green dots at a minimum of 3 dots away from the edge of any lane, without an issue. If there is a problem, typically flipping ONE pair at the beginning of any lane will allow you to begin at the second dot, instead of the third, and fill in many more Red-Blue pairs than you would normally be able to find without issue. If we are limited by the number of Red-Green pairs, typically you can use the same tactic with the Blue-Yellow pairs.

Following this, you can typically solve any puzzle in under a minute. I’m currently on the 4th page of puzzles, and still blowing through them in under a minute using this. If you do end up running into a problem, re-evaluate where you have placed your limited Red-Green pairs, and try flipping more Blue-Yellow lane edge pairs.

Very simple. To leave the tricks for the bottom:

Hexagon shaped dot pairs will need to have either Red-Green / Red-Red / Red-Green, or if we are limited, will need to have Blue-Yellow / Red-Red / Blue-Yellow.

Pentagon shaped dot pairs will ALWAYS need to have two pairs of Red-Green, with the point/top dot of the Pentagon left Yellow.

ALWAYS give the Pentagon shaped pairs your Red-Green dots first, with Hexagon and larger circles second.

So, basically 4 simple, repeatable steps. Energy has no bearing in these patterns. It’s simple force of attraction, and we know that Red-Green is more powerful than Blue-Yellow. Use accordingly.

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Nice. You might want to link to this from the strategy guide so that it gets greater visibility.

Hi Korsen, incredibly similar in many aspects to my own (ever-evolving) system! And I suspect, very similar as well to most other successful players’ systems, but wow, you came up with this SO fast! You are a VERY quick Study! Kudos to you, and congrats on your successes!

–also, way to go - on sharing your system back to the community for the benefit of others… very cool! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the guide! It really helps.

great tip. thx

Nice guide, confirms what I thought to have figured out by trial/error, thanx!