Close captioning crowd source project for monthly Eterna meetings

Eterna is looking to have close captioning added to all future monthly video meetings. After a meeting has finished, the close captioning will be added within 48 hours.

The videos are posted on the eterna wiki at:…

The videos are hosted by YouTube. A CC button on the bottom right of the window allows the close captioning to be displayed. The first video to have the close captioning updated is the State of Eterna 2015.01.30 video. This video should be very accurate, but we may want to edit it in some places.

I also started editing the Ebbe and Cody 2015.01.12 video. Only the first 6 minutes of this video have been edited for close captioning.

If anyone would like to help with the editing process, I have uploaded the transcripts to:

2015.01.30 State of Eterna…

2015.01.12 Ebbe and Cody…

Please send me a PM with your google doc login, and I will add you to the owners allowed to make changes to the transcripts.

If we get enough players interested in helping with this project, we can make a group and work on updating more of the previous Eterna meetings.

Thanks everyone,


Thank you so much, John. Janelle and i are both pretty deaf, for me even with my hearing aids, so am always grateful for captioning.

Btw, if you ever just want a good laugh, go to almost any YouTube video (that hasn’t had anyone give it transcript attention) and click CC. Often what comes up is funny nonsense poetry (have considered starting a new art form!).

Merci beaucoup,


Haha, Water! I love your poetry comment on the regularly truly odd automatic translation. I for sure see that weird beautiful poetry could start from that.

Thanks for doing this!