Comments box in lab design?

What do you guys think about a comments box for lab designs?

It would be a good way to give feedback about reasons why people think they are not viable designs or even why they think they are good designs. This may also help to stop people voting for designs merely because they have a high number of votes and they’ll get some more coinage for the design that they voted for getting synthesised. (maybe we should just remove the coins for voted designs getting synthesised idea all together) (unless of course this doesn’t exist and I missed something somewhere)

I very much like the first part of this idea (the comments). But I still do think it is a good idea to keep the rewards for voting for a good design, as it encourages people to learn and to vote smart, not just vote friends.

Mmm but the point still stands that if something already has a lot of votes, why not put in ur own vote to get some extra points since it’s obviously going to synthesis?
And as I saw in another post someone suggested the ability to negatively vote on designs. Maybe if you negatively voted on a design that went through to synthesis you got points equilivant to how badly it scored from synthesis?

Oh, you mean like “short-selling” in the stock market - you win if it goes down because you made the accurate prediction… hmmm… you might have something there… I will have to give it some more thought - but, this may fly. Curious what the devs may think about that. Interesting! This might deserve its very own topic; (elevate it out of the buried comments to full “New Idea” status).

As a starter, we plan to add a forum post for each lab, and always put a link to the thread when you review designs in the lab. Hopefully this will stimulate discussion among people

I think that will be a great addition!