Connect dotplot with nucleotide tagging

I would like that when I tag a nucleotide in the lab, this nucleotide gets marked in the dot plot too. It will give us a much clearer sense of where in the dot plot the trouble areas are and give us more power to do something about it. This will especially help our newer players. Sometimes it can be hard to locate which stem is causing a lot of smears and misplaced dots.

It will be most helpful for static lab, where dot plot will behave more foreseeable, but I think it will be useful for both switch and static lab. And it would save us from data overload if we got numbers on in the sides instead, as small numbers would be hard to see anyway.

Absouletly agree!

Is this something we could write a script for ourselves?

Nando said: In that connect dotplot thread of yours Eli, the red marked spot in the picture is not a nucleotide, it’s a possible pair…

That is absolutely correct. It is because I have sort of been seeing the dot plot as the lines in the left bottom half as being strands that were to match up with the lines in the right upper part.