Continually resetting password

Your website and iPhone app are making me continually reset my password… Is it not possible to be logged in to both the website and the iPhone app simultaneously? Or do I need to use different email addresses for each? I ask because if I’m signed in to the website, and then sign in to the app, the app doesn’t recognize my password (makes me reset), and then if I return to the website, I find that it has subsequently logged me out (and forces me to again reset). Rinse and repeat. It also looks like the two aren’t syncing with eachother, for example presenting different puzzles and history/progress. Using iPhone 7 Plus running iOS 14.4.

There should be no reason why you’d need to reset your password moving between the website and mobile app. When you log in on either, you should be able to log into the same account without issue. Similarly with puzzle progress, it will be pulling progress from your account (same as the website) as long as you’re logged in. Perhaps double check that the app is up to date? I know we had some bugs with signin and progress on previous app versions.

Strange. It just made me reset again. But this time, rather than giving my email address when requesting reset email, I gave username, and am now signed into both app and website simultaneously. Fingers crossed it continues to work this time…