Conversion of "Rocker-Switch" Buttons to Single Toggle Buttons

Hi All,

In the lab, there are several screens where the following “Rocker-Switch” style Button Pairs show up:

1)Natural Mode / Target Mode
2)Estimate Mode / Target Mode
3)View Colors as in Game / View Colors based on Experimental Data

These are great, but the suggestion I have is to change the Dual “Rocker-Switch” style Pair of Buttons, to instead use a Single “Toggle” style Button.

The reason for this is as follows:

When switching between these modes, as a player, I want to keep my eye on the particular base or pair or design section I am analyzing, and watch what happens when I change modes. So I want to be able to position my mouse over a “Toggle” style button, so I can then click back and forth between modes without having to shift my visual focus off the base or pair I’m analyzing. As it is now, I have to interrupt my visual focus just to locate the other side of the “Rocker-Switch” style button.

This is a minor, but recurrent and growing annoyance.

It is one of those “fine tuning” details that makes a working but slightly awkward implementation into a tool perfectly optimized for player convenience; it would make the interface smoother and more transparent and remove the current necessity for players to interrupt visual focus and thought processes while analyzing designs.

If this change could be implemented - I would just LOVE it!

Thanks, and Best Regards,


Well, it looks like a purely aesthetic change, but I agree with it. Plus, if the game implements a new tool or feature in the future, this change could save space for a new interface element.

To switch between Natural & Target Mode and Estimate & Target Mode you can already use the hot-key ‘Space’.
As a quick fix for ‘Colors as in Game’ & ‘Colors based on Experimental Data’ the devs could add another hot-key.

But of course nobody needs two buttons to switch between two different modes (or does anybody have a computer with a button for ‘On’ and another one for ‘Off’?)

there is no need to change the current look or style of the buttons, they already have what is required.
Currently there are two spheres connected by a rod through the middle. The rod in between could act as a third “toggle” button.
In my experience I generally don’t click on those unless I want to change it anyway, so it could just be changed so the whole shape is a single toggle button rather than two (or three) buttons.

I like this idea.

True, we have the spacebar hot-key, but I don’t generally use hot-keys, so would be nice to have this as an alternative.