CSS for Profile not quite right

I have to start by complimenting the design crew on Profile functionality set. Another example of how you went a number of extra steps to provide participants with a rich environment.

Having said that, I will now proceed to pick nits. :wink:
If you peek my Profile you’ll see what I aimed at, and very nearly achieved.

What I noticed first is that

items had their numbers too far to the left; I created a 1 item list to demonstrate what I mean.
The quick fix to this is to next the list, so items will have 2 levels of indentation, shifting to the right. But here that’s not the case. Which leads me to suspect that indentation has been disabled for

Slightly related: spacing between items.
In my lists you’ll see that items are close together, as though separated by
… that’s very nice. Just the effect I wanted.
But when the items are in a list, that spacing is increased, so that there’s equivalent of

between each individual.

Certainly not mission critical; priority of, I’d say, 4 of 6. I’m writing this more for the sake of completeness than anything else.


Hi bentrem,

This has been added to our issue tracker with ticker number #88

You can check the issue at

You can check all player proposed issues at

Thanks for your suggestion!

EteRNA team

Right diana - Will do. I might be able to tweak CSS on a local copy.

As a work-around I marked items in my profile resource list by * :slight_smile: This had the added benefit of creating a nice snug line spacing.