Daily challenges

I have really not been on Eterna enough lately, and (kindof) returning made me think about the possibility of daily challenges, and how they could keep the attention of players like me. UI wise it could be in another tab to the lab, like the eternacon challenge, and I thought on 2 ways to implement it:

  1. Just a puzzle that gives bonus score (might as well be a forst solve of the day bonus). Idk weather or not we have repeatable sources of score (ie. Labs), but if we don’t have then adding a limited time score puzzle would be a problem.
  2. A “puzzle of the day”, with an option of seeing (and solving) the past puzzles, kind of like Microsoft’s windows store solitaire/minesweeper/Sudoku/etc daily challenge, or like btd5’s. I think that past challenges should be unlocked via badges (to encourage players to visit different parts of the game) or tokens earned from labs (to encourage puzzle guys like me to go to the lab). However idk if making past challenges accessible makes people less encouraged to come and do them at the day they come out in, but I didn’t find any research on that, so I will ask some people about their opinion later to see.
    So what do you think about that? Will it be good enough?
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We have been thinking about having a daily puzzle for a bit, but haven’t launched. Great to hear that you think its a good idea! Anyone out there interested in helping us curate the puzzles?

MasterStormer comments - Tokens earned from labs to encourage puzzle guys like me to go to the lab.
What has happened to points being earned from participating in the lab ?

I would like some of those puzzles picked for challenges to be switches. We need players to have great switch solving skills. But also the challenges shouldn’t take up too much time, as to not take focus from lab, which was what happened in the past.

Thanks for the ideas everyone. Will bring up with the devs in our next meeting.

Then it could be something like 3 puzzles each day- simple, switch, and complex, that requires you to use “lab tokens” to unlock.
Anyway I can’t see this as an argument against dailies (I don’t say that it was, but still), as not coming to the game is worse than coming to play puzzles that train you for lab

MasterStormer, I really like your idea with a regular puzzle challenge.

My worries was only concerning that earlier there were tons of people solving puzzles and few in lab. (Puzzles at cost of lab - bad for science) Now it seems there are fewer people solving puzzles and even fewer in lab. (Lab at cost of puzzles - good for science) I was only worried about getting back to earlier imbalance where people only focus on puzzles (not helping science as much as it could - while great passtime use).

However I recognize your idea can actually help bring a better balance.

Also it reminds me of an idea I had with giving a special metal badge series for achieving puzzle skills with relevance to lab.


I think both your idea with daily challenge and the badge idea would be even better together and would help players improve their puzzle solving skills and get them better prepared for the level in lab. As things are few players seem to find their way through the puzzle progression and into the lab. More puzzle training could help them get through.

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