Data Browser unresponsive in Chrome

When going from Home/Resources/Data Browser I get nothing with Chrome. I tried Firefox; had to update Flash, but it works with Firefox.


Thank you, AndrewKae.  Just before I left for Eternacon/vacation last week, I noticed that it was wonky.  Now that I am back, I’ll look into what has changed.

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Thanks Omei, I didn’t say before but I’m using Windows 10.

I just tried, using Chrome, and today it seems to be working fine for me.  Can you post a screen shot of what you get with Chrome?  Include the address bar, so I can see what URL Chrome thinks it should be using.

I get what looks like the browser for a split second then it switches to this

And here is the url

I have tried everything I can think of, from reinstalling chrome to setting all exceptions, and data browser still wont work. I could really use some help with this please.

Hi Andrew.  I apologize for not following up.

I guess I’ll need to find out what is happening on your machine.  Since it seems to be affecting only you, my guess is that there is some problem with your local storage.  Can you bring up the Chrome debugger and tell me what it says?  If you haven’t done this before, see  When the debugger opens up, look for the console window, which is by default, I think, in the lower right hand corner.

Once you have found the debugger console window, reload the browser page and then cut and paste whatever appears in the console window as a result.

Hi Omei, thanks for getting back to me on this. here is what I have.
Track Pageviewga_debug.js?_=1472687515948:29 Setting throttling cookie: __utmt
ga_debug.js?_=1472687515948:29 Tracking beacon sent!
ga_debug.js?_=1472687515948:29 Account ID               : UA-17383892-2
Page Title               : Eterna - Invent Medicine.
Host Name                :
Page                     : /web/labs/data-browser/
Referring URL            : 0
Hit ID                   : 1387373082
Visitor ID               : 611585988
Session Count            : 3
Session Time - First     : Tue Aug 30 2016 19:04:03 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)
Session Time - Last      : Wed Aug 31 2016 14:59:20 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)
Session Time - Current   : Wed Aug 31 2016 19:41:31 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)
Campaign Time            : Tue Aug 30 2016 19:04:03 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)
Campaign Session         : 1
Campaign Count           : 1
Campaign Source          : (direct)
Campaign Medium          : (none);
Campaign Name            : (direct)
Language                 : en-us
Encoding                 : UTF-8
Flash Version            : 22.0 r0
Java Enabled             : false
Screen Resolution        : 1920x1080
Browser Size             : 1345x955
Color Depth              : 24-bit
Ga.js Version            : 5.6.7d
Cachebuster              : 1034038134

SVG utilities successfully loaded.render_rna.js:347 RNA Rendering’s successfully loaded.
main.js:67 Preferences + main successfully loaded.
centerPanel.js:724 iframe received ‘queryString:’
centerPanel.js:838 No queryString received. Fetch the available puzzles and let the user take over.
leftPanel.js:536 Uncaught SecurityError: Failed to read the ‘localStorage’ property from ‘Window’: Access is denied for this document.drawPuzzleSetOptions @ leftPanel.js:536initPuzzleSelections @ leftPanel.js:586success @ centerPanel.js:574fire @ jquery-1.12.0.js:3232fireWith @ jquery-1.12.0.js:3362done @ jquery-1.12.0.js:9834callback @ jquery-1.12.0.js:10300

@Andrew It’s probably because you have 3rd party cookies and site data turned off:…

@Omei Even though it’s not sandboxed, Chrome still blocks localStorage in an Iframe when that setting is checked.

Thanks, LFP6.  That’s a good possibility.

@Andrew, another possibility is that your chrome settings explicitly block sites from using local storage.  To check that, use the menu options _Chrome/Options/Show advanced settings/Content Settings_ and see if _Block sites from setting data_ is checked.  If it is, you should be able to make an exception for Eterna by clicking on the Manage Exceptions button.

Let us know if neither of those fixes your problem.

Thanks Omei. My original settings were to [Block third-party cookies and site data] with an exception for I tried the [Block sites from setting any data] with an exception for and again no luck.
[Allow local data to be set(recommended)] works, now that I know I can just change this setting when I want to use the data browser. Thanks LFP6 for your answer too.

Yesterday, I tried the new data browser on R104.  I’m using Google Chrome on a Mac. Selecting one line, the 2D structure frame opens and the countdown works normally.  When the countdown ends, the 2D structure appears with bubbles and base pair energy numbers frozen.  No bases present. The mouse and keyboard won’t respond.  

After a while, I get a report that shockwave is not responding. Patiently waiting some more, I get an ios (system) pop up saying "www eterna etc "not responding and gives me a choice to wait or kill.  ( they really need to chill.).  Kill takes me back to the game page, wait makes the popup go away and eventually the 2D structure appears and the frame works as normal.  

I think this is just a chrome and flash issue.  I’m not sure if there is a way to increase memory or increase the time before my ios freaks out.  If this happens to you, don’t worry.  

I imagine the quad switch as 4 simultaneous equations with 5 variables.   It’s not trivial.  Congrats to the devs who figured the math out so we can see these 2D solutions  :)   

I feel your pain, whbob.  I use a Mac also, and have similar problems all the time with multiple instances of the flash app code running.  i can usually get short term relief by killing off and restarting the Chrome helper thread that is running the flash code.  But whether or not I do that, Activity Monitor shows memory slowly getting used up, and I have to reboot to clear it out. 

The new browser code itself doesn’t use any flash; it just loads an iframe with the legacy code to display the design in the legacy flash app.  But because the browser makes it easy to select multiple designs, and each selected design will bring up a separate iframe, you can end up stressing your machine in the same way you do if you keep lots of browser tabs open in the game at one time.